Client Management Software

Keeping it personal keeps clients coming back

Customize appointments and improve retention with Client Profiles that include info on past visits, special accommodations, social media profiles, and more.

New client profiles are created during online booking or through your front desk. Details are added and instantly saved so you can track history and add them to email marketing campaigns.

  • Search clients by location, provider, referral source, first and last appointment, and more

  • View previous appointments to help with pre-booking

  • Add suggested products based on previous purchases for upsell opportunities

We track all the quick stats so you can view each client's total appointments, show rate, and average visits all with a simple click.

Easily accessible client info and preferences allows you to make each visit special and personalized before they even arrive. 

  • View client social profiles to see their most recent look

  • Review accommodation notes to ensure everything is accounted for

  • Create and add emoji tags to playfully highlight client attributes

Show your clients a little extra love with the Boulevard Marketing Suite. Design and send beautiful emails and set automated email campaigns to stay top-of-mind with clients and drive more bookings with less effort.

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