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The Manager’s Handbook to Salon Operations

Anyone who owns or manages a salon can tell you it’s not the same as running any other business. Even setting aside the beauty expertise needed to know when your stylists are on point, there are all kinds of unique demands and pain points to consider. How do you price haircuts, perms, and coloring? How do you create useful reports that deliver valuable insights into your business? How do you manage transition time between appointments?

Running a salon requires specialized knowledge, acumen, and even technology for any chance of success. To help, we went to the experts: Boulevard’s industry veterans Shanalie Wijesinghe and Daniel Landroche.

Download the Handbook

In this handbook, you’ll learn:

  • What goes into the perfect salon schedule

  • How to communicate with a team of beauty professionals

  • When to outsource your marketing efforts and when to bring them in-house

  • How to create reports that tell you what you really need to know

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