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The Power of Multi-Location Management Software for Self-Care Businesses


By Boulevard

Two, three, or more locations don’t have to mean twice or triple the work to manage

You finally opened that second location, and — good news! — it was worth it. Both their schedules are booked solid, your employees are giving it their all, and the clients have nothing but praise. You’ve scaled up successfully.

Everything’s going your way, but success brings new challenges. Now you need to master roll-up reporting so you can see your entire business in a single source-of-truth report. You have to be able to provide consistent experiences between locations so that your clients always know what to expect. And then there’s all that client information — preferences, service history, credit card details…you’re going to need some help. Finding the right software platform can take much of the logistical burden off your shoulders.

Here’s what to look for in software to keep your calendar organized, your schedule easy to follow, and all your inventory trackable at a glance.

Build better booking for wherever clients are

You’re in the self-care industry, which means you’re in the business of making clients look and feel good. In other words, clients shouldn’t need a second day of relaxation to recover from booking the first one. Look for software that lets you set up an online check-in form that’s easy to use on both desktop and mobile, and that gives your client a handy, up-to-date list of everything you do and don’t offer.

This means there’s no guesswork for clients, and no pushback against “hidden fees.” They check in, find exactly what they want, sign up, then get back to their day.

But “easy” doesn’t have to mean “generic.” Look for multi-location scheduling software that lets you match your color scheme and brand identity with your unique logo. When your clients come to book your services, they’ll know it’s you. All they have to do is show up and be ready to relax.

Your software should empower clients to do as much as possible right from their smartphones: buy gift cards, book an appointment at one of your locations directly from Google Maps, or check out a rotating menu of specialist services.

It isn’t just a matter of meeting clients where they live. Sure, everything’s online in 2024, but user-friendly online check-ins also reduce the possibility of human error. One business already has a lot of moving parts. A second location can mean many more opportunities for chaos to ensue. Let your multi-location management software handle the booking for you, so your front desk teams can focus on making a better client experience for everyone who walks through your doors.

Give clients at every location the personal touch

Whether you’re cutting hair, trimming nails, applying filler, or providing any other service, the self-care industry is all about personal connections. Yet this business is also about working with a lot of different people, each with their own needs and preferences. Rather than leaving it all to individual memory, trust your multi-location management platform to help.

Using software with a powerful system for client profiles can make all the difference. These help store essential information for clients that could be just as useful for their long-time provider to review as a newbie who’s filling in. It’s an easy way to give every member of your team an equal chance to deliver a great first impression, as they instantly know which services to focus on, what products to use, and maybe even a few handy conversation starters.

If your team is full of careful communicators, you could potentially get similar results in one location via proactive handoffs. But that’s bound to let a detail slip through the cracks here or there, and multi-location management software means clients can expect consistent results wherever you do business. It also means you can search and organize your records by each client’s favorite location, treatments, business history, and any special accommodations they receive.

Keep everyone on the same page

One of the toughest parts of building a second location can be simple coordination. You’ve got the employees to handle any situation, but it can be tough to know where to put them and when. One mistake or last-minute sick day can cause a domino effect, and before you know it, both spots are understaffed.

Platforms that offer intelligent scheduling support can help you sort that out before it becomes a problem. These responsive tools help you assign resources more quickly, recommend appropriate timing windows, and provide a useful, immediately comprehensible list of your daily appointments.

Potential scheduling complications can turn multi-location management into a headache. You deserve a platform that helps you anticipate them and plan ahead. Double-booked? You need a setting for that. Do you want to allow for time between appointments so your crew can clean up? Let your platform handle it. Did someone book a group appointment and then fail to arrive? You can charge for the missed appointment.

The best multi-location scheduling software will put it all on your screen, with custom color-coding, time blocks, and an interactive waitlist.

With the right backup, you’ve got this

For all the potential complications we’ve pointed out here, the important thing to remember is that the hardest part is over. You built a business, and then you expanded it. A lot of people can’t pull the first part off, but you already made it to the second.

At Boulevard, we’ve seen all the stumbling blocks that self-care entrepreneurs can hit, and we work every day to build software solutions for them. Whatever life throws at you today, from no-show clients to employee emergencies to inventory shortages, our multi-location management software has features that can handle it.

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