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Education at Boulevard: Meet Shanalie Wijesinghe

By Emily Badgley


She's run the show for some of the hottest salons in New York and Los Angeles, and has traded salon hustle for #startuplyfe. Shanalie Wijesinghe is Boulevard's Sales Engineer and leads education for both our partners and our team. Hear what inspires her, and get her number one piece of business advice for every salon right now (spoiler alert: it's not easy but it's worth it). 

Who: Shanalie

Role: Sales Engineer

Location: Oakland + Los Angeles, California

Where were you before Boulevard?

"Before Boulevard I was at Benjamin Salon (both NYC and Los Angeles,) and prior to that I was at Sally Hershberger, Los Angeles.

What do you 🖤about our industry?

"I love the feeling of equality. It's one of the few industries where men and women are paid equally."

Advice for salons marketing e-commerce:

"Instagram. Ten years ago none of us were on IG the way we are now. I've worked with people doing half a million dollars in sales annually, and 90% of that business is coming through instagram alone."

Advice for someone interviewing for Boulevard?

"Be open. You are going to learn about a world that you might not know about, especially if you're coming in from the Product or Engineering side. You're about to learn about some of the most interesting people you'll ever come across. This is definitely not going to be your typical B2B relationship."

OH from Shanalie on Slack

"Favorite product!"

Quote of the Interview:

"No one ever changes the world being comfortable."

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