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Behind the Look: How Adriana Tesler Went From Muralist to Red Carpet Hair Artist


By Boulevard

One of Hollywood’s most influential stylists reveals how Boulevard helped her achieve her goals

Adriana Tesler is a mastermind stylist based in Los Angeles. Her business, Tesler Salon, has been behind some of Hollywood’s sharpest hairstyles, crafting looks worthy of the red carpet for celebrity clientele. Tesler’s experience and work ethic have made her a role model for aspiring stylists everywhere, as well as contributing to her beauty industry breakout. Boulevard sat down with Tesler to talk with her about her career, from her humble beginnings to the future of Tesler Salon. 

Inside Adriana Tesler’s rise to the top

While Tesler has become one of the hottest stylists in Hollywood, that’s not where she saw herself initially. “I was an artist — a muralist, actually — and at a very young age I became a single mom,” Tesler tells us. Not long after, she decided to change to a different art form. “I decided ‘well, I can paint. I can paint faces, and I can do hair.’”

Tesler’s change resulted in a different career trajectory, though certainly one that’s borne fruit. She had an innate drive to stand out in a crowded industry, pushing herself to be the best stylist she could be. Hard work remains a critical part of her ethos, deepening her passion for beauty as an art form. “I really love beauty and everything about it,” Tesler says.

Tesler was always confident in her abilities, and she found herself adjusting to the “hustle and bustle” of work as a stylist as her career began to gain momentum. Tesler’s true potential in the industry began to strike her as she started working with high-profile clients. “I think it hit me when I was traveling with Paris Hilton… I wasn’t afraid.”

In 2019, Tesler Salon debuted on the Los Angeles beauty scene. The company has an active Instagram page full of Adriana and crew’s top-tier beauty work. Take a scroll through the sea of posts on Tesler’s personal Insta, and you’ll spot red carpet alums like Rita Wilson, Nicky Hilton, Sara Foster, and celebrity jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer.  

How Boulevard helped Tesler Salon grow

Tesler attributes some of her salon’s success to Boulevard, the booking software that her salon has used since the beginning. “There’s no competition,” Tesler says. “I knew we needed Boulevard as soon as I saw it — how it worked, how easy it was to use.” 

For Tesler, Boulevard’s ease of use has been one of the biggest selling points. She highlights how anyone can use it, and how much easier it has made it for clients to book appointments. According to Tesler, clients often thank the salon for making the booking process accessible. “I was like ‘they nailed it,’” Tesler tells us. “This company, [Boulevard], they’re in my business for sure… It’s so easy. We can send emails and reminders through it. It’s helped us grow. It’s easy for whoever’s working the front, and it’s easy for clients too.”

Tesler’s approach highlights one of the most effective ways for salon owners to build their businesses. Tesler Salon puts the customer experience first, and makes it easy for clients to learn about openings and book online. Not only is Tesler able to nudge clients that it's time for a new haircut, but the rest of the appointment process is equally streamlined. 

What’s next for Tesler Salon?

Tesler reflects on her time in the beauty industry and her career trajectory. She recognizes that she got where she is thanks to hard work and determination, but says that, if she could give her younger self any advice, it would be to go a bit easier on herself. “Hard work does pay off,” Tesler says. “I was my biggest competitor; I competed with myself constantly.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t compete with myself. But know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be a little gentler on yourself.”

Tesler’s words ring true — the beauty industry grind can take time to master, and a lot of sweat goes into every facet of it. But so long as master stylists like Adriana Tesler serve as role models, stylists at all levels will have a path blazed to the top.

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