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The Art of Salon Culture: How Craft Collective Redefines Client Experience


By Emma Wei

Hey there, I'm Emma Wei, the proud manager of Craft Collective. My journey has taken me through non-profit, ed-tech, aviation, fast food, and now the beauty industry. Each step has gifted me with valuable insights and a unique perspective that I bring to our salon. At Craft Collective, we're not just about great hair—we're about building a collaborative and supportive team culture that complements the client experience and fuels our success. 

Thoughtful Team Curation: The Heart of Our Culture

From my diverse career, I have learned that structure, processes, and accountability are essential for any organization to thrive. A well-defined structure clarifies roles and responsibilities, while effective processes streamline operations and foster innovation. Accountability promotes responsibility and transparency, collectively forming the backbone of a resilient organization that can navigate challenges and maintain a competitive edge. 

Our culture emphasizes intentional and strategic hiring to foster a synergistic team dynamic. We aim to be the best not only in Denver but also in the entire industry. Our hiring focus is on high performers who are not only talented but also passionate about providing great services. Skills can be taught, but a strong work ethic and enthusiasm are innate. 

While a salon's vision might start with its owner, it comes to life through the team's collective effort. This enhances the client experience, creating a collaborative and creative environment. 

It's simple: happy team members lead to happy clients. Clients feel your culture the moment they walk through your doors, even before their service begins. They are able to witness your team dynamic during day-to-day operations. Amidst all the HR and business responsibilities, our team enjoys collaborating to create beautiful hair while clients enjoy the behind-the-scenes experience.

Crafting the Perfect Client Experience

When clients step into Craft Collective, they enter a contemporary space that reflects our commitment to cleanliness, professionalism, and luxury. We provide a relaxing sanctuary where clients can unwind and enjoy their time with us. We strive to make every interaction effortless, whether it’s booking online or receiving top tier services, always prioritizing our client experience in everything we do. While catering to our team's needs is essential, we also prioritize creating an environment that best serves our clients and brand.

Our dedication to hair integrity means clients leave with gorgeous hair and lasting results. Our stylists are fully prepared to address any client’s needs. With their extensive experience and expertise, they provide the best guidance on both suitable and trendy styles. Craft Collective is known for Lived-in Hair, which allows beautiful hair color to grow out naturally and effortlessly, reducing the frequency of salon visits for our clients. This approach not only enhances client satisfaction but also encourages loyalty and repeat visits.

Yes, that’s right—repeat visits. Less time in the salon doesn't mean less revenue. Delivering outstanding client experiences every single time isn’t just about good hair; it also builds loyalty to our brand and stylists.

Engaging Through Storytelling

At Craft Collective, we believe in the power of storytelling. Every brand has a unique narrative; we showcase ours through authentic, engaging content. We involve our clients by making them feel beautiful and sharing that through our platform. Our social media is more than a portfolio; it's a window into our world.

We share behind-the-scenes moments, highlight our team's creativity and passion, and celebrate the milestones that shape our brand. Transparency allows our audience to connect with us on a deeper level, seeing not just the results but the process and people behind them.

We continue this approach inside the salon by creating an environment where clients feel part of our community. We engage in meaningful conversations, share personal stories, and make everyone feel valued and heard. Openness attracts like-minded individuals who appreciate our values, leading to lasting relationships built on mutual respect and understanding.

Leading with Intention

My leadership style is driven by intention, purpose, and transparency. By clearly communicating the reasoning behind our approach, we help others understand and appreciate our commitment to excellence. Clarity guides our team and reassures our clients that they are in capable hands.

Intentionality is reflected in every aspect of our operations. Each step is meticulously planned and executed, from brainstorming sessions to service. This attention to detail not only meets but often exceeds client expectations. By fostering a continuous improvement and innovation culture, we empower our team to take ownership of their work and strive for excellence.

Purpose-driven leadership cultivates unity and collaboration. When everyone understands the 'why' behind our actions, it creates a shared vision and collective motivation. This alignment enhances productivity and fosters a supportive work environment, enabling us to tackle challenges and adapt to changes with resilience. Ultimately, our clients benefit from a skilled, dedicated, and passionate team delivering outstanding results.

The Future of Self-Care

As the self-care industry evolves, our goal is for consumers to recognize hairstylists as artists deserving of respect and consideration for their time. We're leading this shift at Craft Collective, ensuring our clients receive top-tier service and beautiful, lasting results from our team of talented artists.

By fostering a strong salon culture and a dedicated team, Craft Collective enhances the client experience in ways that drive satisfaction and revenue. Together, we are redefining the standards of excellence in the self-care industry, one beautiful service at a time.

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